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Compensation Strategy

Sixty-six percent of the employees cite salary concerns as top reasons for their dissatisfaction. Beyond, satisfaction, how many compensation plans actually encourage employees to perform? How much should you pay to attract and retain key talent? How do you deliver pay to maximize results?

Over the past 20 years, employee compensation plans have changed for several reasons. First, more young people are entering the workforce at the same time; baby boomers are starting to work fewer hours, retire, or remain at work long after what used to be "normal" retirement age. Second, the business environment and workforce have dramatically changed with new technology dominating today’s business workflow. Although compensation plans continue to evolve, they remain one of the most challenging systems to improve in any organization.

F&H Solutions Group works with large and small organizations in different industries to develop sound compensation plans that are cost-effective for the employer and competitive within the labor force. Our employee compensation experts know your organization’s compensation program must reflect how employees’ work is valued and appreciated and enable recruitment of the best available people. To these ends, we design traditional and nontraditional compensation plans, which may include incentives such as commissions, profit sharing or equity-based plans.

F&H Solutions Group’s compensation experts:

  • Conduct compensation surveys of peer groups and offer local and national compensation comparisons
  • Perform compensation gap analysis to assess company resource allocation and resource optimization
  • Develop a compensation program to fit the goals and culture of your organization
  • Create compensation programs that drive performance
  • Detail employee compensation policies and procedures to follow in developing sound compensation practices
  • Draft or revise salary administration handbooks
  • Specialize in base pay and salary administration, market studies, performance management and executive compensation

F&H Solutions Group collaborates with employers to develop customized compensation plans that reflect their operating priorities, culture and values. Our effective compensation plans:

  • Help the company achieve its strategic goals, and to attract, reward and retain the type of people the company needs
  • Provide a means of fair performance-based employee rewards
  • Assure employee understanding of how their pay is determined, and builds confidence in the employer
  • Create a system that rewards desired behavior and skills development that drive results, enforcing "what gets rewarded gets done."
  • Increase performance and revenue. If compensation plans are not developed properly, it can be a hindrance. In today’s ultra-competitive environment, that cannot be left to chance.

Our clients trust our services:

“Partnering with F&H Solutions Group to develop a formal pay grade system helped us remove the mystery for candidates and current employees on how pay is determined. They worked with us side by side to implement a complex, well thought out program that has been relatively easy for us to administer on our own.”

“Everyone at F&H Solutions Group is dedicated to providing excellent customer support.”

“FHSG is a one stop shop for all the client’s needs, accessibility, etc.”