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Human Resources Consulting

F&H Solutions Group’s top rated HR consultants helps clients improve their people, policies and processes to meet best practice standards.

An effective human resources (HR) department should enhance the organization’s morale and support its operations. It should also have a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line.

F&H Solutions Group sees the big picture rather than focusing on a single function. We have unmatched expertise in all HR areas and provide a range of HR consulting services, including HR training, outsourced HR management and recruitment consulting that focus on creating effective HR organizations, functions, processes and policies.

Our expert team of HR consultants supports our clients’ operations by providing direct advice, assistance and training on all HR matters, including employee discipline, employee performance and employee termination. We also help our clients train and communicate with their personnel and handle any crises that arise.

For clients without a full-time human resources executive, we serve as continuous outsourced HR management. In addition, we have other HR consultants who specialize in discrimination and sexual harassment prevention training, diversity and inclusion training, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) investigations and workplace grievances and sensitivity and diversity awareness training.

F&H Solutions Group’s top human resources consultants:

  • Collaborate with your organization to develop customized employee compensation plans that reflect its operating priorities, culture and values;
  • Partner with employers to become your outsourced HR department, to support daily HR needs or specialized needs, including exit interviews;
  • Help your organization avoid costly litigation by ensuring its FLSA compliance, as well as wage and hour provisions in related state laws;
  • Develop employee handbooks that outline your organization’s policies and procedures and establish employee and employer expectations;
  • Provide executive coaching and leadership coaching to top-level managers that emphasizes topics critical to sustaining your organization’s growth and success;
  • Conduct HR audits to ensure your organization’s compliance with the latest labor and employment laws and alignment between the HR function and organizational goals;
  • Give your organization the knowledge and tools to be proactive on employee relations, such as 360-degree feedback, effective employee communications strategies, employee engagement surveys and organizational vital signs;
  • Manage the recruiting and onboarding of top candidates for your organization; and
  • Work with your organization’s senior-level managers to strengthen their skills and capacity through our leadership and coaching programs.