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Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways to Give Employee Feedback Without Appearing Like the 'Bad Guy'

December 14, 2021

While it can be difficult to take constructive criticism, it can be equally difficult to give it. Many leaders worry about hurting feelings or seeming like the "bad guy."

What are some tips for giving an employee tactful feedback without ruffling feathers?

  1. Focus on the employee’s potential. If the employee feels like you are investing in them, they will see the feedback in a more positive light.
  2. Give feedback in that manner creates a vision of what is possible and the focus will turn toward growth rather than inadequacies.
  3. Use concrete examples of how a particular situation was handled and offer options on other ways the same situation could have been handled and solved.
  4. Allow the employee to give you their perspective without appearing defensive or cutting off the employee while they are talking to you.
  5. Set up an additional meeting(s) to make certain that your feedback is being followed and if not, understand the reasons why your advice is not being taken.