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Jury Duty: A Sexual Harassment Mock Trial

Research proves that an individual’s learning of a subject increases as the interaction increases. With that in mind, F&H Solutions Group and FordHarrison LLP have created an interactive mock trial in which the audience serves as the jury. An individual inside your company facilitates while the participants are actively engaged in the training.

Here is the trial scenario. After two years with the company, Jaclyn Platten, a research analyst, loses her job in a reduction-in-force. Meg Holman, Ms. Platten’s supervisor for only 60 days, selected Ms. Platten based primarily on Ben Fryer’s (Ms. Platten’s former manager) assessment of her performance.

Ms. Holman did not know that Ms. Platten had complained to Mr. Fryer about her co-worker’s unprofessional conduct and had rebuked Mr. Fryer’s alleged sexual advances. After Ms. Platten was terminated, she filed a lawsuit asserting sexual harassment and retaliation. The company denies any liability.

Was it really her performance, or her report of inappropriate conduct, that resulted in Ms. Platten being selected for the layoff? How does a “he said, she said” situation look when presented to a jury? Is a racy cartoon ever funny when it is introduced in a courtroom? Does everyone on a jury see the same evidence through the same glasses? These are just a few of the questions that “members of the jury” will experience firsthand.

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