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Wage & Hour Compliance

The Department of Labor estimates that 80% of employers have some degree of non-compliance with wage-hour laws.

Many employers are shocked when they learn how a single employee’s complaint can result in a major collective action lawsuit. Compliance with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and related state laws can be difficult for any employer. Failure to comply—even when it is an  unintentional error—has proven very expensive.

Importantly, employees who believe they have not been compensated in accordance with FLSA can go directly to court and are not required to first submit their complaint to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). In addition, DOL has significantly increased enforcement efforts, hiring additional investigators and targeting industries and practices with an emphasis on claimed exemptions and working time issues.

Our FLSA consultants have extensive expertise in FLSA compliance and FLSA risk analysis. Our FLSA consulting specialists' work with all types and sizes of companies in various locations and industries has given us broad experience to help our clients face a wide range of FLSA liabilities and complexities.

F&H Solutions Group’s HR consultants help clients avoid costly litigation by ensuring their compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and related state laws. Our assistance to clients includes:

  • Conducting an in-depth FLSA compliance review of all areas covered by FLSA and similar state laws, including FLSA exemptions, recordkeeping, minimum wage, employment of minors and overtime, as well as a review of related regulations enforced by DOL’s Wage and Hour Division, including Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and I-9 documents
  • Providing FLSA compliance training for in-house personnel
  • Conducting  FLSA analyses to assess current risk regarding FLSA violations and develop an action plan to correct and prevent further FLSA violations
  • Managing DOL investigations and assist labor and employment law counsel in defense of wage and hour lawsuits, including preliminary assessment of liability or damage claims and calculation of worst-case and most-likely financial impact for use in settlement or mediation
  • Providing continual support for client decisions on FLSA issues, such as position exemption classification, hours worked, overtime requirements and pay deductions

F&H Solutions Group’s FLSA experts provide many benefits to employers:

  • Avoid FLSA and wage and hour violations; particularly exemption and overtime issues
  • Build effective job review process for future compliance
  • Increase in-house expertise and understanding of FLSA requirements
  • Have immediate access to continuing consultation as issues arise

Our clients trust our services:

“Services provided to date have been above satisfactory.”

“Our consultant is extremely thorough and timely.”

“I anticipate ordering more products [from FHSG] as my business increases.”

“FHSG has very competitively priced products and services with a versatile line.”