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Brad Federman

101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career

In such a challenging workforce climate, career enhancement means many different things: procuring that first job, keeping an existing position, returning to the workforce after a long hiatus, riding the waves of unemployment, starting an entrepreneurial venture...

Employee Engagement: A Roadmap for Creating Profits, Optimizing Performance, and Increasing Loyalty

Each employee within an organization puts forth discretionary effort; they come to work with a choice of how much effort they are willing to give their company. An engaged employee is a person who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, his or her work. These types of employees care about the future of the organization and feel a strong emotional bond to the business.

Boot Straps: Creating a Culture of Achievement vs. Entitlement

Pull yourself up by your boot straps!  It sounds good.  But we don’t live or work in a vacuum.  We work in organizations that have systems and cultures that either help or hinder performance, confidence and more. Culture drives everything in an organization.  Some organizations have entitlement cultures and others have achievement cultures.  What is right may be wrong and what is wrong may be right.  What do the culture scales say….

Blinded By Bias

We work diligently to keep our organizations safe by creating policies and handbooks, training manag­ers on how to appropriately handle issues related to discrimination and harassment, and employing law­yers to review everything. Yet, we still have problems. Not only do we have problems, but many times, we don’t even recognize them when they are right in front of our face. Even worse, there are times we can’t recognize issues when they are pointed out to us.

When in Japan

HR Keys for Creating Effective Unconscious Bias Training and Essential Follow-Up Tools

In this article, FHSG COO Brad Federman discusses how to make unconscious bias training effective. 

22 Experts Share Their Employee Engagement Strategies

COO Brad Federman and other experts discuss their secret employee engagement strategies.

How To Mind Your Language When Talking To The Team: 15 Top Tips

COO Brad Federman and other Forbes Coaches Council experts discuss 15 top tips for minding your language when talking to the team.

Changing Your Culture by Changing Your Conversations

13 people dead.  A 325 page investigation report.  Called before both the House and Senate Subcommittees to testify; to explain.  Explain the inability to address the ignition switch problem.  A problem which persisted for more than 11 years.  A problem where many had, but no one took, responsibility to fix the problem.  Not a failure, but a history of failures.  GM suffered the fate of a poor corporate culture.  And they are not alone.  Too many companies experience the same types of issues and breakdowns.  Here are a few headlines about companies that have faced cultural problems:

15 Ways To Build A Two-Way Relationship Of Trust With Employees

COO Brad Federman and other Forbes Coaches Council experts discuss ways to build a two-way relationship of trust with employees.

9 Highly Effective Ways To Get a Client's Attention Without An Email

COO Brad Federman and other Forbes Coaches Council experts discuss highly effective ways to get a client's attention without an email.