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Brad Federman

101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career

In such a challenging workforce climate, career enhancement means many different things: procuring that first job, keeping an existing position, returning to the workforce after a long hiatus, riding the waves of unemployment, starting an entrepreneurial venture...

Employee Engagement: A Roadmap for Creating Profits, Optimizing Performance, and Increasing Loyalty

Each employee within an organization puts forth discretionary effort; they come to work with a choice of how much effort they are willing to give their company. An engaged employee is a person who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, his or her work. These types of employees care about the future of the organization and feel a strong emotional bond to the business.

Firestorm Over Google Memo Putting ‘Diversity of Thought’ in Spotlight

In this blog post by HRHero, COO Brad Federman discusses his opinion's on Google's recent leaked internal diversity memo, which ignited controversy that led to the employee’s firing and much discussion about the effectiveness of corporate diversity efforts.

Expert Coaching Tips To Help You Overcome The Fear Of Making Decisions

Making decisions can be a terrifying prospect to many people who are afraid of what will happen if they don’t choose the right thing.

Clear Leadership Vision - Interview with Brad Federman

Shelley Baur, Author, Speaker & Workshop Facilitator of Integrity-Based Communications, interviewed FHSG COO Brad Federman:

"I would give all the wealth of the world, and all the deeds of all the heroes, for one true vision."

That was the response Brad Federman gave me when I asked for his favorite leadership vision quote, attributed to Henry David Thoreau.

F&H Solutions Group's Brad Federman Accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

Forbes Coaches Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Leading Business and Career Coaches

Brad Federman, Chief Operating Officer of F&H Solutions Group, has been accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches.

Low Turnover is Nothing to Brag About

When a company has high turnover, that indicates it has problems. The same can be said for low turnover. Think about it:

Competing for Talent: Shift Towards Unconventional Employee Engagement Tactics

Will you be hiring this year? If so, you must understand that expectations, benefits and the employee/employer relationship are changing. Companies are evolving their compensation packages to attract the best talent.

You have heard about Costco. And you’ve probably heard of Sam’s Club. But, have you heard of Boxed Wholesale? The company has been dubbed the “The Costco for Millennials” by Forbes.


Handling Challenges to Diversity in Era of Divisiveness

In this article, Brad Federman discusses how to handle diversity challenges within the workplace during an era of divisiveness.


Sociomapping is a new paradigm in analyzing, mapping, and improving team and organizational relationships. It is real-time data collection, display, and discussion – no more waiting around for surveys to be collected. F&H Solutions Group is one of the only U.S. companies that can offer this – and the results have been powerful.