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Media Mentions

Media outlets frequently contact F&H Solutions Group experts to comment on trends, recent developments and emerging issues in human resources and labor relations.
9 Highly Effective Ways To Get a Client's Attention Without An Email

COO Brad Federman and other Forbes Coaches Council experts discuss highly effective ways to get a client's attention without an email.

Forbes   |   
15 Trends That Will Redefine Executive Coaching In The Next Decade

COO Brad Federman and other Forbes Coaches Council experts discuss trends that will redefine executive coaching in the next decade.

Forbes   |   
13 Employee Benefits That Don't Actually Work

COO Brad Federman and other Forbes Coaches Council experts discuss employee benefits that don't actually work.

Forbes   |   
Don't Want Your Employees to Quit? Here Are 50 Inspiring Quotes About Good Leadership

Brad Federman, Chief Operating Officer at F&H Solutions Group, is listed as the first quote in this excellent list of inspiring leadership quotes.

Inc.   |   
Most Common Ways You're Neglecting Your Middle Manager (And What To Do About It)

In this Forbes article, Brad Federman discusses one of the ways middle managers are being neglected and what to do about it.

Forbes   |   
How Do You Deal With Bigotry From a Boss?

In an article with Dow Jones' Moneyish, COO Brad Federman discusses ways to handle a racist boss, especially when HR isn't a viable option.


Dow Jones/Moneyish   |   
Firestorm Over Google Memo Putting ‘Diversity of Thought’ in Spotlight

In this blog post by HRHero, COO Brad Federman discusses his opinion's on Google's recent leaked internal diversity memo, which ignited controversy that led to the employee’s firing and much discussion about the effectiveness of corporate diversity efforts.

HR Hero   |   
Expert Coaching Tips To Help You Overcome The Fear Of Making Decisions

Brad Fedmerna and 13 other members of Forbes Coaches Council offer their best tips to overcome the fear of making decisions and help you progress at work and in life.


Forbes Coaches Council   |   
Munoz's biggest challenge at United: fixing a 'toxic culture'

In this article, FHSG President Jerry Glass is interviewed about fixing the toxic culture at United.

Crain's Chicago Business   |   
Your Mission Statement Sucks. Here's How to Craft One That Works

In this article, COO Brad Federman was interviewed by Inc. to give tips on how to write a successful mission statement

Inc.   |