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Bringing Young Leaders Forward

October 23, 2014
At Five Star Bank, we are always looking for ways to further our employees’ talents and invest in their strengths. It is part of bringing the best service we can to our customers. A prime example is Five Star Bank employee Stephanie Petrakos, who started at the bank eight years ago fresh out of college as a management trainee and worked her way up. Currently she is the Vice President and Credit Administrator. In her position she is required to have a leadership role in the bank’s credit department. As such, she was sent to a leadership development conference through Independent Community Bankers of America. What she also found was that Five Star Bank could be ahead of other organizations when it comes to ushering in the next generation of its leadership.
“Recently, I was given the opportunity to attend ICBA’s Leadership Development Conference at the famous Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN. I expected to meet people my age holding similar capacities at their banks; however, I was much younger than the average attendee.  Keynote speaker, Jason Dorsey, spoke to this very situation. He said there is a generational gap in the workplace whereby far more baby boomers, who hold leadership roles in their organizations, are retiring than there are qualified professionals to replace them. I am extremely fortunate to work for an organization that is committed to developing their young professionals. 
Another interesting aspect was the idea of “What Got You Here Will Not Get You There.” According to Brad Federman, Chief Operating Officer at F&H Solutions Group, in the life span of our careers, we start as sponges absorbing all there is to know about our new job. With time, we become problem solvers, or masters in our particular field. Then, typically, we are promoted to leaders. However, many people fail to realize the skill sets required of an expert for the field or a problem solver are significantly different than the skill sets required for a leader.  Federman says 70% of people fail within their first two years of becoming a leader for this very reason.  That’s why it is so important to promote people who have leadership qualities, and invest in developing their “leadership” skills.
I’m proud to work for a company willing to invest in me, and look forward to making a difference at the bank for years to come; Five Star Bank is laying the groundwork to serve the community for a very long time.”
-Stephanie Petrakos
Vice President, Credit Administrator