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How Do You Deal With Bigotry From a Boss?

August 29, 2017

In an article with Dow Jones' Moneyish, COO Brad Federman discusses ways to handle a racist boss, especially when HR isn't a viable option.

“If you lose it, if your behavior is not professional, then it becomes really difficult for you to defend yourself,” Brad Federman, chief operating officer of the labor management consulting firm F&H Solutions Group, told Moneyish. Bystanders may not overhear the racial remark in question, he added, but they will notice an outburst in response. You might take a breather and tackle the situation a day or two later.

Try and address the remark in a way that “educates people,” Federman added. You might ask the boss to explain why he or she made the comment, or simply have the person repeat the statement — which can make him or her “really aware that it was inappropriate,” he said.