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F&H Solutions Group’s consultants are knowledgeable about many of the most important global human resources and labor relations issues of the day.

We are frequently asked to provide expert commentary and enjoy sharing our insights with the media. For all media inquiries, please contact Samantha Glass.

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Railroads Fret Over Prospect of Democrat-Only Labor Board

Jerry Glass interviewed by Bloomberg BNA regarding the possibility of having a democrat-only labor board. 

“I don't know that anyone is expecting imminent appointments,” Jerry Glass, a former airline executive and president of F&H Solutions Group in Washington, said Feb. 21. Usually, a new administration first nominates members to the National Labor Relations Board, which oversees labor disputes in most industries. “We've had situations in the past where we've had less than the full board for some time,” Glass said. Geale's departure “doesn't necessarily mean there's a newfound urgency to fill the position.”

Bloomberg BNA   |   
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Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. Workers Take Next Steps to Organize
Jerry Glass, President of F&H Solutions Group, was quoted in Baltimore Sun regarding the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW's) continued attempt to organize at Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. 
He said, "They're working for a company with a good reputation of treating their people well, being a safe operation. I think employees are going to find out there isn't really a heck of a lot the union is going to be able to do for them."
Baltimore Sun   |   
Handling Challenges to Diversity in Era of Divisiveness

In this article, Brad Federman discusses how to handle diversity challenges within the workplace during an era of divisiveness.

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