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How to Hire, Inspire and Build Your Dream Team

December 1, 2015
Successful companies do something different. They provide value in a unique way. They provide a brand promise to customers. They build a culture that supports that brand promise and that culture has clarity. Successful companies focus on their people, bring the right people in and grow them. Management understands that profits and revenues come from the first three things and to grow, entrepreneurs must learn to give up control and delegate. In order to do this, they must have feel like they have a great team that they can trust.
In this interview with Dr. Michelle Pizer, Brad Federman, F&H Solutions Group's Chief Operating Officer, discussed three key components to hiring, inspiring and building your dream team.
  • Strong hiring and selection process – Looking beyond the resume and first impressions and making sure a candidate’s personality and skill set matches up with the job description.
  • What systems you should have in place – Creating a Total Selection Process of bringing people in efficiently and effectively through a process that weeds candidates out through a good resume and phone screening, an assessment process, a strong interview process and a realistic job preview. In addition, emphasizing the importance of making candidates feel engaged, included and welcomed during the hiring process.
  • How to hire and incentivize your team – Telling your employees a story and making them feel like they are part of it. Managers need to build relationships with their people and see each employee as a real person.