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Pinsight™ is the first talent management technology accurately “test driving” and predicting managers’, directors’ and executives’ potential to execute strategy for your company’s competitive advantage.

What is Pinsight™?

Pinsight™ gives you a high-accuracy picture of a candidate’s performance and potential — without the typical bias associated with annual reviews or 360-degree feedback. It’s built on a platform developed at the military’s Station-S to predict the potential of candidates to successfully engage high-risk espionage missions. Since then, we’ve added big data, proprietary algorithms and live certified-assessor interactions and evaluations of 250 attributes to accurately identify the potential of managers, directors and executives to lead the charge.

How can Pinsight™ help you?

  • Mergers — Identify the leader with the most potential to drive strategy during a merger. Discover overlapping positions. Help eliminate, replace or move an employee to a better suited job.
  • Succession Planning — Tie succession planning directly to leadership development and business strategy.
  • Talent Review — Run key employees through a live simulation to highlight overall skill gaps of leadership to adjust promotion and hiring practices accordingly.
  • Promotions —Identify gaps and training needs for promotion and ensure you only promote people who are ready.
  • Leadership Development — Identify leaders with the potential to drive strategy and track their development them over time.
  • Hiring and Onboarding — Optimize your hiring process and do not waste time onboarding the wrong hire
  • High-Potentials — Identify high-potentials and how keep them onboard.

What are the benefits?

  • Up to 80% less expensive than executive assessment centers
  • 250% more accurate than interviews — our simulation is impossible to game
  • High accuracy picture of candidate’s performance and potential based on data — not typical bias associated with annual reviews or 360-degree feedback
  • Uber-like technology creates assessment sessions based on the candidate’s global location and language

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how Pinsight™ can transform your organization.