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Anonymous Employee Ethics and Complaint Hotline

F&H Solutions Group operates an anonymous employee hotline to give your company's employees a safe and confidential outlet to report complaints or ethical violations.

In today’s world, employers are more at risk for something that happens under their watch. Now more than ever, employees want to know that their employers care. As a result, organizations are being asked to step up and do a better job at providing employees with a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace.

F&H Solutions Group’s anonymous employee hotline can uncover employee issues quickly so that organizations can take action faster. Often, employee dissatisfaction can go unnoticed and cause unresolved problems, leading to employee turnover, public relations nightmares, lawsuits or even criminal investigations. By encouraging employees and leadership to speak up without fear of retaliation, F&H Solutions Group’s anonymous complaint hotline helps solve problems before they get out of control.

Most importantly, your employees want to know you take their complaints seriously. Hiring a third party complaint hotline shows them you are serious when it comes to their dissatisfaction. It will improve your morale and goes a long way to solving internal problems before they become larger external problems.

We provide two methods for employees to report a complaint: employees may call a hotline phone number assigned to their company or use their company’s survey link to complete the complaint process online.

F&H Solutions Group’s professionals know how to handle employee complaints effectively and discreetly.

  • All complaints are thoroughly documented, detailed and tracked effectively
  • Avoid violations and legal battles
  • Better communication with an anonymous reporter
  • Compliance with government regulations
  • Employees can report problems before they get worse
  • Employees feel comfortable reporting problems to a third party
  • Employees know their employer cares about them, encourages a speak up culture
  • Trend analysis

  • Easy implementation
  • Complaint process only takes a few minutes for employees
  • Employees have the option to call a hotline telephone number to their respective company OR use their company’s 24/7 survey link to complete the complaint process online or using a mobile device
  • Phone calls will be transcribed by our operators  into the same system that would be used for the online link
  • Employees have the option to remain anonymous or provide contact information
  • Once an employee files a complaint, the individual assigned to the specific complaint type will be notified to begin the investigation immediately

  • Fraud
  • Bullying
  • Any illegal activity
  • Sexual harassment
  • Race, gender and all other types of harassment
  • Theft
  • Manager/Supervisor issue
  • Workplace violence
  • Retaliation