Grievance Mediation and Handling

When a grievance is filed by an employee, the process should be handled in a sensitive and timely manner. Each grievance must be given serious attention and often falls on the shoulders of Labor Relations or HR. However, not every Labor Relations or HR department is equipped to handle the grievance administration process.

A few things should be considered when deciding whether your company should outsource grievance handling:

  • Do you have the internal resources and expertise to respond to grievances?
  • How many unions do you have? Is it more cost-effective to outsource the work?
  • How many grievances are filed per month, per quarter or per year?
  • What is the cost of each grievance (e.g. cost of lost productivity and legal expenses, time spent by manager, HR and legal)?
  • What are the causes of grievances? Are they supervisor errors, unclear policies and procedures, lack of management training and/or bad hiring decisions?
  • What is the average amount of time it takes to resolve an issue from start to finish?

F&H Solutions Group works with companies and organizations when management and labor are attempting to settle grievances through a process that involves mediation. In addition, we work with clients on day-to-day contract administration, advising supervisors and managers with grievances filed by unions. Our labor consultants provide assistance in handling the various steps in the grievance process, draft responses and research bargaining history so we have a better understanding of the likelihood of success in arbitration.

With our knowledge and experience of a company's agreements, FHSG consultants will:

  • Provide either a toll-free number or direct dial numbers of the consultants who will be responsible for talking to or advising company supervisors and managers;
  • Answer questions from company representatives when a grievance(s) has been filed at any unionized location;
  • Discuss the grievance(s) with the Company-represented negotiators and review bargaining history and/or notes when necessary;
  • Advise company representatives on contract interpretation;
  • Draft responses to the union in each step of the grievance process;
  • Discuss next steps and options with the company representatives;
  • Cover all company unionized locations; and
  • Provide monthly updates on the number and status of grievances filed by the union(s), or more frequently if requested by the company.
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