Strike Contingency Planning

Effective strike contingency planning is critical to the long-term success of your organization and the well-being of your employees.

When a union is planning a strike, it’s easy to lose sight of daily operations that must continue even with the threat of a work stoppage. It is crucial to be have a strike contingency plan in place so that your company can prevent or minimize financial losses.

F&H Solutions Group works with organizations to develop, outline and implement strike contingency plans in the event of a potential work stoppage. Our strike contingency planning covers everything from pre-strike planning and strike dynamics to post-strike recovery efforts. Our strike contingency planning outlines how to prepare for a strike and how to assure that the most critical services will continue.

Our Strike Contingency Planning will include the following:

  • Gathering and reviewing necessary written procedures, equipment manuals, and technical instructions
  • Reviewing and prioritizing tasks and maintenance projects which can be postponed during a strike
  • Discussing provisions for the leadership team, communication, legal counsel, security, HR, replacement employees
  • Determining appropriate security plan and actions
  • Overall communications and coordination
  • Training employees
  • Crossing picket line guidelines
  • Managing logistics
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