Supervisor Training: Manage Your Employees or Get Out of The Way

The support of the front-line management team is a key to the success of an organization. 

Supervisors not only need to understand the importance of a well-managed work environment that should require no union to represent their interests, but also the basics required to do so. Our training focuses on the traits required to be an effective front-line manager. The class will provide management with the skills, tools and coaching necessary to deal with the employees who create the “opportunities” that must be managed on a daily basis. Supervisors can manage the majority of employees who show up to work on time with a “let's get it done” attitude.  It is a minority of employees who are constantly pushing the limits and therefore need to be managed to success or managed out the door.

Our training consists of two parts:

1. The first half of the class focuses on an interactive discussion of the Ten Rules of Effective Management.

2. For the second half of the class, we will view the “Communication and Documentation” video.

Following, we will have an interactive discussion that pulls the rules from the first part of the class into the real life scenario captured in the video.

We will then apply all of those lessons to the challenges that the participants actually deal with daily.

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