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Solutions' Stats is an invaluable, time-saving service offering customized, informative, and concise arbitrator reports. The reports are generated from FH Solutions Group's two online award databases of more than 9,000 full-text, searchable arbitration awards. The databases contain awards from the airline and passenger railroad industries.

Solutions' Stats aims to simplify arbitrator research, allowing customers to cut their research and preparation time in half. The reports feature consolidated arbitrator data and display information and statistics in meaningful, easy-to-read graphics and tables. In addition, the arbitration award databases are kept current to ensure the Solutions' Stats reports reflect each arbitrator's most recent arbitration decisions.

The Solutions' Stats reports not only provide statistics on an arbitrator's decisions but also break down the arbitrator's record by type of case—contract interpretation or discipline. Bar graphs illustrate the various outcomes of an arbitrator's cases, depicting how often the arbitrator has ruled in favor of management, the union or awarded a split decision.

FH Solutions Group offers multiple pricing plans so businesses can choose the option that best meets their needs. 

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