EEO Investigations & Workplace Grievances

F&H Solutions Group’s labor consultants conduct Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) investigations and resolve workplace grievances to save organizations time and money and preserve good employee relations.

Employers face a business imperative to foster more productive, discrimination-free, and inclusive workplaces or they run the risk of costly proceedings by government agencies or other third parties. Despite an employer’s best efforts, however, employees may still complain of workplace discrimination. How effectively these workplace discrimination complaints are investigated and resolved can have potentially serious financial and employee relations implications.

Conducting a thorough workplace discrimination investigation can be very challenging. It requires time, extensive research, and knowledge of applicable laws and regulations. An investment in one of our highly respected, specially trained labor and HR consultants to resolve a workplace discrimination complaint can save millions in litigation costs and limit damages to employee relations and a company’s reputation.

F&H Solutions Group’s workplace grievance investigation services are:

  • Confidential and Professional—we handle all workplace grievance investigations in a private and professional manner.
  • Timely and Reliable—we understand the time and accuracy sensitivities related to workplace grievance and EEO investigations.
  • Thorough and Cost-Effective—we conduct thorough EEO investigations to help employers avoid any future litigation costs.
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