Client Service Philosophy

At FH Solutions Group, we prioritize delivering the highest-quality consulting services to our clients. We embrace a Client Service Philosophy that is anchored by several core principles:

We will make your job easier.

  • We will understand your goals and collaborate with you on strategies to meet them.
  • We will use your time efficiently and respectfully.
  • We will flag unanticipated issues in advance.
  • We will treat your internal administrative processes like our own, including budgets and status reports.

We will know your business and needs.  

  • We will meet with you to learn about your objectives, business, and people.
  • We will send our best, experienced consultants to work with your labor or HR department to understand expectations.

We will be accessible, responsive, and, most importantly, proactive.

  • We will meet with you to improve our service and resolve relationship or process issues at your convenience and schedule.
  • We will address any client service issues immediately.

We will manage your costs like our own and focus on top-line growth as if it were our own business. 

  • We will actively manage costs consistent with your internal goals and processes.
  • We will collaborate on budgets and staffing plans for the best value possible.
  • We will track costs against your budget and be accountable for our performance.

We will use our best resources to provide a cost-effective, quality work product.  

  • We will staff your projects with consultants of the appropriate skill level and use a cost structure based on your specific needs and objectives.
Let us Help You
From labor negotiations support to strategic consultation, we are always ready to help.