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Workplace Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

F&H Solutions Group protects organizations from legal risk through our top workplace discrimination and sexual harassment prevention training as part of our HR training offerings.

Investment in workplace discrimination and sexual harassment prevention is a must to ensure business goals are met and the organization avoids costly workplace investigations and litigation. Employee participation in a workplace discrimination and sexual harassment prevention training program is one preventive measure your organization cannot afford to forego.

F&H Solution’s offers two types of sexual harassment and discrimination prevention training: onsite live HR training and an online HR e-learning program.

Onsite HR Training

Traditional onsite live HR training plays a key role in preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Managers and employees must know the specific actions and behaviors that may constitute workplace discrimination and harassment. In addition, organizations have an affirmative duty to ensure their managers are aware of the legal consequences surrounding failure to comply with documented workplace discrimination policies and procedures.

A critical component of F&H Solutions Group’s highly regarded human resources training is that all managers, supervisors, human resources personnel and employees are educated on the definition of discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. In addition, we share specific examples of conduct that constitutes a hostile work environment. Our HR training includes in-depth study of the theories of workplace discrimination and harassment under Title VII and other laws the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces. HR training participants also receive detailed descriptions of the two types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environment. Additionally, we incorporate separate modules that deal specifically with the role of managers and their responsibilities in recognizing, preventing and correcting workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation.

HR E-learning Program

F&H Solutions Group recognizes that some employers may find it difficult to accommodate the associated expense and time commitment of traditional onsite HR training. For this reason, we co-developed an interactive HR e-learning program.

This comprehensive, Web-based HR training program seeks to ensure employees have a clear understanding of workplace discrimination and harassment issues and common pitfalls that can get an organization into trouble. The HR training program also outlines steps that must be taken should workplace harassment occur. In addition, it is fully compliant with the two-hour minimum sexual harassment training requirement mandated by some states and the federal government and can easily be accessed virtually through an Internet connection. The e-learning program’s unique interactive design enables participants to provide feedback on subject-matter knowledge. Animated case studies and an accompanying online glossary keep the HR training interesting and thought-provoking. Certificates of completion can even be generated for participants.