Outsourced Labor Relations

Labor costs can account for up to 70 percent of all operating expenses at companies with unionized employees. We help employers remain competitive by minimizing labor costs and maximizing productivity.

Today, unions have become increasingly more sophisticated in negotiating collective bargaining agreements while companies continually face the pressure of increased labor costs. Managing these costs is one of the keys to building a successful and profitable business. However, it also is one of the most challenging tasks.

F&H Solutions Group delivers the information, ideas, and results organizations need to effectively manage labor-related issues, including high labor costs, government regulations, collective bargaining, and arbitration proceedings. We have unmatched expertise in labor negotiations, analysis, and research, particularly in the media, transportation, manufacturing, construction, and real estate industries. Our labor relations consulting team is keenly aware of the need to carefully balance financial demands with the employee relations and customer service aspects of your business. This awareness – along with our attention to detail – sets our labor negotiators, analysts, and researchers apart from all others.

Our labor relations consultants work with clients of all sizes in many different industries and on a wide range of labor relations matters. We have extensive labor relations consulting experience, ranging from multi-employer bargaining to mergers and consolidations, to rapid growth environments and bankruptcies. In addition, our labor relations consultants participate in numerous types of negotiations, including judicial and non-judicial restructurings as well as routine contract negotiations as they expire in normal operations.

Let us Help You
From labor negotiations support to strategic consultation, we are always ready to help.