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F&H Solutions Group human resources consultants works with organizations to ensure effective communications among employees, clients and vendors.

The quality of a company’s communication can impact both its reputation and business operations. Effective communication between managers and employees is essential and is a cornerstone of positive labor-management relations. Moreover, communicating in the right way with clients and vendors is critical to organization success.

Our team of corporate communications professionals offers  Fortune 500 companies, high-profile organizations and smaller employers unparalleled organizational communication consulting. Our experts have dynamic backgrounds and handle both internal employee communications and external employee communications.

F&H Solutions Group’s superior human resources consultants:

  • Design and help implement union avoidance campaigns;
  • Oversee labor negotiations communications and provide labor management relations;
  • Provide litigation communications support;
  • Support corporate restructuring efforts;
  • Bolster customer service initiatives with customer service consulting; and
  • Assist in employee benefits communications.