Sensitivity & Diversity Awareness Training

Today’s business professionals must possess a clear understanding of how to effectively manage a diversified workforce.

F&H Solutions Group's labor relations consultants provide innovative sensitivity and diversity awareness tools and techniques to help organizations foster a more sensitive, respectful workplace environment and support their unique business culture. Our sensitivity training and workplace diversity awareness training can help address scapegoating; inconsistent group cohesion; selective communication channels; struggles for leadership; and collective decision-making patterns that make it difficult for organizations to meet their goals and objectives.

Our experienced labor relations facilitators incorporate experiential exercises and workplace diversity case studies into our sensitivity training and diversity awareness training. These activities encourage honest self-reflection and candid classroom discussions designed to foster a greater tolerance of one another’s differences and work styles and enable all members of the organization to better coexist and communicate in its diversified environment. A “good corporate citizenship” component of our customized program aims to enhance group relations and improve daily interaction among colleagues.

F&H Solutions Group’s sensitivity and workplace diversity awareness training focuses on:

  • Enhancing multicultural and social awareness;
  • Developing proactive diversity awareness measures to augment human resources policies and procedures;
  • Supporting and strengthening organizational values, goals and objectives; and
  • Promoting the recruitment and retention of diversified talent pools.
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