Supervisor and Manager Training: Understanding the Labor Agreement

You just promoted an employee in a union setting to what?

When you hire or promote employees into a supervisor or manager position in the union setting, do you equip them with a basic knowledge of applicable labor regulations, your collective bargaining agreement(s), and, most important, management rights?

This is important but often overlooked in developing supervisors and educating those already in the role.

FHSG's training is designed to give those employees the tools and facts to understand these issues and confidently manage a unionized workforce. We tailor the training to your firm, industry, and agreement(s) and provide an overview of management rights, applicable laws, and company policies, and the core concepts in your agreements: jurisdiction, seniority, assignment and promotion, shifts-hours, overtime, grievance handling, and discipline. 

The course can be integrated with any existing supervisor or leadership training and identify contact subject matter experts and resources in your firm's labor relations, Human Resources, and legal.

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