Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

F&H Solutions Group offers customized workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion training solutions that complement an organization’s cultural dynamics.

Given the increasingly competitive global business landscape, organizations must possess the knowledge and HR training necessary to function effectively in today’s multicultural environments. Managers and employees also require certain skill sets to appropriately address situations relating to cultural differences in the workplace. Workplace diversity influences every aspect of how business is conducted, from the customization and marketing of products and services to talent management techniques. Additionally, recent statistics indicate that diverse work teams outperform work teams lacking diversity.

Our HR consultants develop customized HR training solutions to help organizations embrace workplace diversity and dismantle individual stereotypes, prejudices and ethnocentrisms that impede their effective functioning and progress. Our HR consultants work with all types and sizes of organizations in both the private and public sectors.  This specialized workplace diversity training is guided by two fundamental principles:  First, adults learn best when they are actively involved in the process and when learning has immediate application to their work. Second, people change their behavior more easily when they receive specific examples as well as feedback about the impact of their actions on others and the organization.

F&H Solutions Group’s highly experienced workplace diversity facilitators can:

  • Accommodate large and small participant groups;
  • Provide one-hour, two-hour, or even half-day interactive workplace diversity and inclusion training sessions; and/or
  • Conduct personalized one-on-one workplace diversity and inclusion coaching sessions.
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