Negotiations Training

Contract negotiations are one of the most significant events to occur within an organization. 

Negotiations create a potential financial risk to both the short-term and long-term prospects for business success, set the tone for the company’s relationship with the unionized workforce, and strongly influence the relationship with the non-unionized workforce. Often, if not conducted properly, the relationship can become contentious and a public relations nightmare.

Our training covers the following:

  • Negotiations preparation/assessment of issues
  • Identification and prioritization of company objectives
  • Selection and role of company bargaining committee members
  • Identification of required support resources (Operations, Finance, Legal, HR, etc.)
  • Negotiations protocol
  • The Psychology of Bargaining
  • Communicating properly during negotiations
  • Administrative items
  • Caucuses
  • Tentative Agreements
  • Legal issues: Do’s and Do Not’s
  • Interest-Based Negotiations
  • Corporate communications
  • Other issues
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