Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

FH Solutions Group labor consultants help organizations with workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies. We ensure that the DEI plan outlined aligns with your organization’s business plan while improving workplace environments.

Today’s workforce requirements are complex, and changing demographics can make employee relations and interrelations more challenging. Effective workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies are critical to ensuring an organization is protected and productive.

FH Solutions Group consultants analyze the benefits of effective workplace diversity management and explore the many social and financial advantages of fostering an inclusive workplace environment. Our highly experienced workplace diversity investigators and training facilitators have worked with management and non-management employees at all levels in different industries and organizations to promote workplace diversity.

We work with organizations to recruit and retain diversified talent pools, tap their contributions and improve the bottom line. We provide employees and managers with the best workplace diversity training on the market to help them effectively address workplace diversity issues such as workplace discrimination and sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, sensitivity and diversity awareness, stereotyping, and other conscious/unconscious biases that can hinder organization progress. We can also craft a workplace diversity plan to address organizational change resistance and build and sustain employee buy-in. Our ultimate goal is to avoid litigation that can negatively impact an organization with adverse publicity and significant financial exposure.

Our workplace diversity investigations focus on collecting accurate information and resolving employee complaints so your organization can move forward. We handle workplace diversity investigations thoroughly, confidentially, and professionally, and we are sensitive to time constraints and the need to avoid or limit any financial liability. Our workplace diversity training features experiential exercises and breakout sessions encouraging honest self-reflection and candid group discussion. Participants assess the accuracy of their knowledge about differences and understand the impact of their behavior on others.

FH Solutions Group’s expert workplace diversity consultants:

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