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Base Pay and Salary Administration

Many of our clients have a base pay structure in place, but need help updating it. Others have nothing in place, in which case, we start at the very beginning of the design process.

Design Process

  • Job Analysis – This may involve reviewing, revising, or writing job descriptions, having the client complete job questionnaires, interviewing employees, observing them on the job, or a combination of all of these.
  • Job Evaluation – We will either facilitate a client work group or work independently to review job documentation and create a job-worth hierarchy that describes where each job fits relative to others.
  • Base Pay Structure – We develop a base pay structure according to the job worth hierarchy and external market data for key benchmark jobs, which are jobs that can be easily compared to the external market.


  • A pay plan that isn’t kept up to date is of little use within a short time. We help our clients define how the plan will be maintained and who is responsible. We help answer pay questions such as:
  • How much should I pay a new employee?
  • What do I pay an employee who is promoted?
  • How do I fit a new job into the pay structure?
  • How can I be sure employees in the same job are paid equitably?
  • How do I keep a salary administration system up to date?