Maria Reed Manager, Absence Management Services

Maria Reed is the Manager of Absence Management Services at FH Solutions Group.

Maria works with clients’ human resources department to make the transition to FH Solutions Group's absence management program seamless. The Absence Management team uses a proprietary software system to manage absences under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), state leave laws, and employer-authorized policies for diverse clients and industries, including airlines, customer service call centers, and manufacturers.

Maria advises clients on integrating federal, state, disability, worker’s compensation and company-specific leave, as well as any other leave included in collective bargaining agreements, to minimize FMLA usage. She ensures company leave policies comply with federal and state laws. She trains supervisors so they understand FMLA better and works with the human resources department to develop communications materials so employees understand how FHSG will administer the absence management program.

In addition, Maria provides consultation services for companies’ leave of absence programs. Maria conducts comprehensive reviews of all practices, procedures, and protocols relevant to government-mandated leave benefits and their interaction with companies’ employer-authorized leave policies. She provides an experienced, objective, third-party perspective and identifies policies, practices, and processes that need to be changed to comply with federal and state leave laws.

Maria also conducts seminars on overcoming compliance and leave challenges. This includes a seminar for employers in Arizona and FordHarrison's Airline Symposium.

Prior to joining FH Solutions Group, she was a human resources assistant responsible for employee onboarding and training.

Maria earned a bachelor of business administration in economics from the University of Georgia. In addition, she is a certified FMLA administrator.