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Customer Engagement

F&H Solutions Group helps organizations create an effective customer engagement strategy.

Today, we are living in the age of the customer. Our customers have real time information literally at their fingertips and as a result, are much more educated than just a few years ago - and they know what they want. The way we interact with our customers must reflect these changes.  The processes around selling, negotiations, customer surveys, customer service, and problem resolution are more important now than ever. 

F&H Solutions Group customer engagement experts:

  • Assess how well you are keeping your Brand Promise
  • Assist in building a stronger sales and service culture
  • Build the sales or service culture you need and want
  • Define your optimal sales process based on customer buying behavior
  • Determine development needs of your sales and service staff
  • Evaluate your sales and service team
  • Identify sales and service reluctance in your organization
  • Provide insight on how to improve your customer engagement and loyalty
  • Strengthen the skillset of your sales and service team

F&H Solutions Group works with employers to:

  • Close more sales
  • Improve service and loyalty scores
  • Increase the sales pipeline
  • Price the business correctly
  • Reduce costs due to customer mistakes
  • Save and strengthen customer relationships after a service failure
  • Strengthen customer relationships

F&H Solutions Group offers the following solutions:

  • Competition Shopping/Research
  • Customer Engagement Surveys
  • Customer Rebounding: Problem Resolution
  • Principled Negotiations
  • Sales Initiatives
  • Sales and Service Assessments 
  • Service Initiatives
  • SIFT (Consultative) Sales Training
  • Telephone Sales