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De-Escalation Customer Service Training

F&H Solutions Group supports companies in their goal of maintaining good customer relations through effective de-escalation techniques. 

F&H Solutions Group works with new and existing staff in learning important customer-focused emotional intelligence (EQ) techniques to further reduce and eventually eliminate potential customer service disasters. EQ provides a basis for recognizing, understanding and managing one’s own emotions during customer interactions which will assist with de-escalating negative experiences for both customers and team members.  


  • Educate and prepare new hires and existing customer-facing staff in de-escalation techniques and methods to assure best outcome of customer interactions
  • Teach new hire employees and existing customer-facing staff how to leverage EQ in recognizing, understanding and managing their own emotions during customer interactions
  • Reduce negative social media exposure – and increase positive social media presence
  • Reduce the number of lawsuits, loss of revenue, and reduction in stock prices

Our training workshop consists of experiential learning, instruction and interaction in the following areas:

  • Teach staff how to recognize, understand and manage their own emotions during customer interactions (EQ)
  • Applying EQ concepts to common customer interactions
  • Understanding the escalation and de-escalation patterns and best practices
  • The role of “self” in de-escalation
  • Your “starring role” in social media as a representative – always on stage

The court of public opinion has the potential to make or break a business. We are in the business of helping brands succeed. Most importantly, we provide the training and support for this new solution that ensures staff can ramp up quickly and develop concrete improvements in customer service, customer satisfaction, and sales metrics.