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Employee Handbooks

F&H Solutions Group develops employee handbooks and employee manuals that outline an organization’s policies and procedures and establish employee and employer expectations.

Today’s workplaces function much differently than they did 10 years ago. As technologies advance and younger workforce entrants affect the corporate culture, employers must establish clear and concise employment guidelines and keep their policies and procedures current.

A well-written employee handbook reflects your organization’s business philosophy and provides valuable information that enhances the working environment. Employee handbooks establish the foundation of your organization’s employee-employer relationship and introduces new employees to your organization in a positive way. This employee manual also helps your organization defend itself against many employment-related claims brought by employees, such as wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment claims.

Our HR consultants have helped many employers of various sizes and in diverse industries to develop or update their employee handbook. We strive to produce a document that is understood and consistently interpreted by all.