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Vital Signs

F&H Solutions Group HR consultants looks at an organization’s vital signs to measure its pulse, improve productivity and avoid employment-related litigation.

Organizational vital signs are reflected in a company’s culture, employee relations climate, management styles and personnel policies and practices. They have tremendous importance for an organization’s operations and success.

Our team of human resources consultants looks at internal communications, supervisory effectiveness, personnel policy administration, employment practices, compensation issues and disciplinary actions to help determine the pulse of an organization and identify areas for improvement. We also speak with managers and employees so they can air their thoughts and concerns.

F&H Solutions Group’s human resources consultants:

  • Conduct confidential on-site employee relations climate interviews with a sample of managers and employees;
  • Engage in confidential communications with managers about personnel or other issues that concern them;
  • Report on problem issues identified through the interviews and develop recommendations to improve employee relations;
  • Monitor the progress of your organization’s employee relations efforts; and
  • Train management on topics such as achieving effective communications, using constructive discipline, improving teamwork, increasing employee performance, and preventing discrimination and harassment in order to improve employee relations and protect your organization from costly litigation.