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360-Degree Feedback

F&H Solutions Group’s HR consultants helps employers assess and develop their employees through constructive employee evaluations from co-workers, peers, supervisors and customers, a process known as a 360-Degree Feedback.

Most Fortune 500 companies use 360-Degree Feedback to assess their employees based on competencies deemed important to their success. Feedback is gathered from those with whom the employee comes in contact most frequently—co-workers, peers, supervisors and customers. Multiple perspectives helps ensure the employee feedback is fair, accurate, believable and motivating.

The employee assessment process, used successfully in the manufacturing, health care and service industries, affords individuals and organizations several benefits. Employees understand their strengths and identify areas for development. Moreover, 360-Degree Feedbacks enhance an organization’s team building and diversity management initiatives in addition to promoting employee development.

Our team of experienced employee assessment facilitators skillfully manages the highly sensitive 360 Degree Feedback process using the instrument and computer analyses of a psychological testing organization. We do so confidentially and professionally to ensure maximum effectiveness.

F&H Solutions Group’s first-rate human resources consultants:

  • Describe the 360 employee evaluation process to your organization’s participants and explain how each participant and his or her supervisor, peers, direct reports and customers—up to 12 people—complete an online questionnaire to provide feedback;
  • Compile and analyze the completed employee evaluations; and
  • Hold a one-on-one employee feedback session with each participant to discuss the confidential results, counsel the participant and help develop action plans for future employee development.