Absence Management/FMLA Training

In a 2019 court decision, an employer made a $1.3 million FMLA mistake by firing a worker whom the employer believed was abusing FMLA. The decision to fire the employee was a costly and avoidable mistake. 

Given the myriad of federal and state laws, not all absence management programs apply leave laws properly. While most claims involve interference and retaliation, others include the employer’s failure to follow the law's technical requirements. Does your absence management department know which leave laws run concurrently – and which cannot? Do they know the time limits or have problems meeting them?

In this training program, your leave management team will review federal, state, and local laws and then examine whether your company’s sick, disability, on-the-job injury, collective bargaining agreements, and company-specific leave policies comply with those laws and, when possible, are applied concurrently to minimize time away from work. Your leave management team will also learn the fundamentals of the FMLA: notice requirements, medical certifications, interference, and retaliation. This interactive training session will provide your leave management team with concrete examples of complicated situations to reinforce the information covered. Your leave management team will also receive training materials to refer back to after they complete the training session.

We also offer FMLA Training for HR Personnel so supervisors can understand interference, retaliation, FMLA-qualifying events, and notice requirements.

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