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Brad Federman

101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career

In such a challenging workforce climate, career enhancement means many different things: procuring that first job, keeping an existing position, returning to the workforce after a long hiatus, riding the waves of unemployment, starting an entrepreneurial venture...

Employee Engagement: A Roadmap for Creating Profits, Optimizing Performance, and Increasing Loyalty

Each employee within an organization puts forth discretionary effort; they come to work with a choice of how much effort they are willing to give their company. An engaged employee is a person who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, his or her work. These types of employees care about the future of the organization and feel a strong emotional bond to the business.

On The Cover: Brad Federman

Brad Federman serves as the Chief Operating Officer for F&H Solutions Group, a Leadership and HR consulting firm that delivers customized solutions aligned with clients’ organizational mission, structure, and vision. F & H Solutions Group has offices in Memphis, Atlanta and the DC metro area and serves the US and countries abroad. Starting out, Brad worked at Accenture in Washington, DC. Following that, he held Human Resource and leadership positions at Norrell Services, Humana, and the Novations Group.

3 Big Challenges in Executive Comp and How to Address Them

We all know executive pay has become a significant issue. The challenges associated with executive compensation are highlighted in the headlines:

“The Coming Battle over Executive Pay”

“CEO Pay Is Out of Control”

“The Overpaid CEO”

Gen Z Enters the Workforce - What Are Their Expectations

Today’s youth is too often misunderstood. While there are differences in generations, we tend to assume a great deal about others and stereotype them. Lazy, entitled, self-interested are all terms I have heard used to describe the younger generation. I have listened to discussions about how the younger generation has been coddled and have a strong sense of self-entitlement. However, I find them passionate, searching for meaning in their work, wanting to better themselves and desiring more than work in their lives.

The Business Case for Succession Planning

In April 2004, McDonald’s CEO Jim Cantalupo died suddenly of a heart attack after what many on Wall Street considered to be a successful 16-month run as the company’s Chief Executive. Within six hours of Mr. Cantalupo's death, 43-year-old Charlie Bell was voted into the CEO position by McDonald’s board. While McDonald’s had been grooming Mr. Bell to eventually succeed Mr. Cantalupo, circumstances warranted quick action. Within weeks of accepting the position, Mr. Bell was diagnosed with colon cancer. His illness forced him to resign in late 2004 and he passed away in January 2005.

The Annual Performance Review is Dead: Long Live On-going Feedback

What is the worst kept secret in most companies? Traditional annual performance appraisals illustrate the farcicalities and nonsensical nature of organizational life. Regardless of title, manager or individual contributor, there is almost universal disdain for the traditional review process.

Igniting a Fire in Each of Your Employees

A life-altering discovery. Fire is transformative to our existence as human beings. Think about the impact fire has on modern day society:

Strong Culture and Values: Required, Not Optional

Culture and values have been around for years. Leaders and scholars have debated their importance and spent millions of dollars carefully crafting definitions and statements. Cultures and values have been seen as a fad with investments in posters and placards. But the truth is, they have never been more important in today’s world.

Command and Control is Dead

15 Tips For Offering Tactful Feedback To Your Employees

Constructive criticism is much needed in the business world, but it isn’t always well-received. You might struggle to hear that you’re not succeeding in certain areas—and being the person who has to hand out these comments to others isn’t much easier.