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Brad Federman

To build or not to build? That's the inclusion question

Typically, an organization employs inclusion efforts because it notices there’s a morale issue within a certain group or within the organization as a whole, a legal challenge has been filed against the organization, or there has been an effort to organize a union. Unfortunately, many inclusion or diversity efforts fail because they are reactive tactics u

More Hiring Mistakes

Mistake No. 6.                      Not Involving Employees

Top Five Hiring Mistakes

Mistake No. 1.                       Hiring for skills, attitude or culture

You have to hire for all three.  In today’s fast-paced, collaborative culture we need people with shorter learning curves who can play in the sandbox with others, work with the grain of the Company and help energize others. In essence, we have to look at the whole person when hiring.  To do this we need a strong selection process with multiple components.

Onboarding: Are you enacting the lemon law strategy?

The way an employer brings people on board makes a big difference in how employees perform, how they feel about their decision to take the job, and whether they will stay.

In this Words on Wise article, Brad Federman discusses how the onboarding process can have a huge impact on your organization and its employees.

Reengaging the Workforce During Tough Times

In this article, Brad Federman discusses how to reengage employees during tough times.