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Brad Federman

F&H Solutions Group's Brad Federman Accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

Forbes Coaches Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Leading Business and Career Coaches

Brad Federman, Chief Operating Officer of F&H Solutions Group, has been accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches.

Low Turnover is Nothing to Brag About

When a company has high turnover, that indicates it has problems. The same can be said for low turnover. Think about it:

Competing for Talent: Shift Towards Unconventional Employee Engagement Tactics

Will you be hiring this year? If so, you must understand that expectations, benefits and the employee/employer relationship are changing. Companies are evolving their compensation packages to attract the best talent.

You have heard about Costco. And you’ve probably heard of Sam’s Club. But, have you heard of Boxed Wholesale? The company has been dubbed the “The Costco for Millennials” by Forbes.


Handling Challenges to Diversity in Era of Divisiveness

In this article, Brad Federman discusses how to handle diversity challenges within the workplace during an era of divisiveness.

Changing Perspective on Performance Appraisals

Numerous Fortune 50 companies have abandoned traditional, accountability-oriented, annual performance appraisal systems. This trend has gained momentum over the past five years. Many early adapters have continued with alternative approaches while others have reinstated some elements of traditional plans.

Is Focusing on High Potentials a Blessing or a Blunder?

High potential employees, also referred to as HIPOs, are workers that show ambition, dedication, determination, and a number of qualities that suggest they will succeed in their field. Many companies see this potential, and invest in them through training and development programs designed specifically for them. Is this a blessing or a blunder? Do HIPOs deserve this special focus?
Meanwhile, other organizations and companies go a different route. They believe that every employee has the potential to be a HIPO—if they receive proper education and care.

Make Employee Training Worth it, Not Wasteful

British-Canadian author Elizabeth Thornton once said, “Objective leaders identify their unproductive mental models and tweak them for greater effectiveness.” The same can be said for employers and employees.

What's next for Appleton's diversity job?

Brad Federman was interviewed by The Post Crescent bout what's next for a city diversity position in Appleton, Wisconsin and how to handle the tension of a government employee belonging to an outside activist group that unavoidably may be a conflict of interest.

You Only Live Once

We’ve all heard the expression, YOLO…

The Dream is Free, But The Hustle is Sold Separately

It is better to achieve than to receive. We take pride in what we accomplish. The end result feels better when we work for it.