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Brad Federman

Self-Reflection: 6 Life Lessons to Remember

Recently, I read an article about an individual who was struggling with health issues. Through that experience, they garnered life lessons that allowed them to put their health crisis into perspective. It was a beautiful, touching story. What struck me the most was the wisdom and life lessons that came out of such a difficult circumstance. Below I have summarized some of the life lessons we sometimes fail to remember in our busy everyday lives.

The Volkswagen Misalignment: Four Leadership Practices to Steer You Away From Disaster

“At home in America and around the world, Volkswagen Group places environmental sustainability at the core of our operating philosophy.”
This is a direct quote from the Volkswagen website.

Importance of Bench Strength: Develop All Your Employees, Not Just Your High Potentials

High Potentials, also referred to as HiPos, are employees who have been identified by higher-ups as having the potential, ability and aspiration for leadership positions within the company. They are part of an organization’s succession plan.

Employees want to be a high potential. It gives them a chance to get ahead, be identified as a potential leader of the organization and puts them on the fast track.

Why the New Election Rules and Other Recent NLRB Rulings Are Quickly Causing Employers Problems

The National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB’s) recent changes in election rules have significantly impacted employer’s options when it comes to keeping unions out of companies. Organizations are facing new and more difficult union organizing issues now more than ever before. One of the most significant issues facing management is the streamlined process which impacts employers’ reaction time to a union application.

Do You Need a Fresh Start? Here's One Way to Achieve Your Goals!

We have all struggled to do things we recognize we should.  Each of us has fallen short of accomplishing a goal.  Most of the time even the goals we fail to attain are reachable – we just neglect to put forth the needed effort and energy to make it happen. What makes certain changes more difficult than others?  One reason is self-control.  How do we change our approach, our pattern?  How can we overcome the conflict?
One way is to take advantage of “Fresh Start Moments.”  We all know what happens at or around New Year’s Eve.

A Simple Truth in a Thank You: 7 Ways to Show Appreciation

Recognition breeds commitment.  We should appreciate the hard work and effort our employees put in to our organizations each and every day.  It is unfortunate that some managers still go to work thinking their employees should just be grateful they have a job.  While there are times when that may feel accurate, the truth is it is a false premise. 
We can’t survive let alone prosper on the performance of those who just feel lucky to have a job.  Employees that are frustrated, scared or just managing to feel safe never drive the business forward.

I Don’t Have Time to Learn! You Don’t Have Time Not To

Here are three reasons why you should make time for learning.

Company voice:

“We believe in you.  That is why we hired you.”

“We invest in our employees!”

Employee voices:

“How am I supposed to do my job when I cannot take time to learn what I need to?”

Employee Belief Can Go a Long Way

Malala Yousafzai is the youngest Nobel Prize winner in history. A young women that challenges Presidents and takes on extremists.  A fighter for human rights, brave beyond her years.  Where did it come from?  Not her culture or from the Taliban.  She should not be famous, but she broke through cultural barriers and other figurative shackles.  How did she beat the odds?  We know of Malala after we heard of her story –shot and almost killed by the Taliban for standing up to them.

Vulnerability is Strength

Every time I ask a manager this question: “Do you want your people to let you know when they are having a problem, are stressed or are uncomfortable with something?” The answer is almost always an emphatic…“YES.” But when I ask these same managers this question: “Are you willing to let your employees know when you are having a problem, are stressed or are uncomfortable with something?”  The answer is typically very different. 
There are a lot of reasons or excuses, as to why, but in the end it has to do with one thing…managers cannot be vulnerable.

You’re Fired: 5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Career

“You’re fired.”  No, I’m not quoting Donald Trump. These are real words, not just words made famous on a reality TV show.  People are fired and let go every day.  Most of the time, it’s because they fall behind.  Employees don’t stay ahead of the curve.  The skills they once had are no longer as relevant and they have not learned the new expectations and skills needed in the workforce.
I recently watched an individual get fired.  They were asked to leave because the organization had significantly changed.