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Jerry Glass

Tip Tuesday: Signs You May Need Labor Help

  • Increase of employee turnover 
  • Rumors of employee organizing 
  • Insufficient Management Training 
  • Rise in HR complaints
  • Tone of exit interviews changes regarding work environment 
  • Employee communications about management changes 
  • Small groups of employees congregating in places where they don’t normally meet 

FHSG Celebrates 30 Years

To Our Loyal Clients and Colleagues,

The story of our firm began 30 years ago when Jerry Glass, an aspiring entrepreneur, seized an opportunity in the marketplace. Jerry realized he could have an impact on the airline industry if he focused on the significant labor relations issues plaguing carriers. He did not know at the time, but this was the start of a small yet highly effective company that now has more than 75 clients spanning multiple industries nationwide.

Labor Relations in The Public Sector

Despite the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that 10.7 percent of all wage and salary workers in the U.S. are union members in both the private and public sector, union membership of public sector employees at the federal, state and local levels is well above that at 34.4 percent.

Are Whistleblowers Good for Your Company?

In this article, Jerry Glass, President of F&H Solutions Group, is interviewed regarding a new academic study, which highlights some of the positive effects of whistleblowing on companies.

Sears workers demand hardship fund as company teeters on edge of closing

As Sears Holdings Corp teeters on the brink of liquidation, its employees are pushing for a hardship fund they hope can replicate the success of bankrupt retailer Toys 'R' Us, whose workers collected $20 million in severance pay from its former owners.

Sears on Tuesday agreed to consider a revised takeover bid from Chairman Edward Lampert, temporarily staving off a liquidation that would have spelled the end of the company.

An Evaluation of the Large Regional Jet Market

FHSG President Jerry Glass was interviewed (quoted extensively on pages 27-28) by Aircraft Commerce Magazine about the regional jet evolution and the influence US major airline labor agreements and scope clauses have on fleet planning in the regional airline market. And, what his potential predictions are for the future impact of scope clauses.

Railroads Fret Over Prospect of Democrat-Only Labor Board

FHSG President Jerry Glass interviewed by Bloomberg BNA regarding the possibility of having a democrat-only labor board. 

What the Trump Administration Means for the Labor and HR World

As HR and employee relations professionals, we all want a better understanding of how President Donald Trump views American workers. When it comes to worker issues, we have seen two sides of the new president.

Stance on employment issues

Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. Workers Take Next Steps to Organize

Jerry Glass, President of F&H Solutions Group, was quoted in Baltimore Sun regarding the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW's) continued attempt to organize at Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.