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Jerry Glass

An Evaluation of the Large Regional Jet Market

FHSG President Jerry Glass was interviewed (quoted extensively on pages 27-28) by Aircraft Commerce Magazine about the regional jet evolution and the influence US major airline labor agreements and scope clauses have on fleet planning in the regional airline market. And, what his potential predictions are for the future impact of scope clauses.

Railroads Fret Over Prospect of Democrat-Only Labor Board

FHSG President Jerry Glass interviewed by Bloomberg BNA regarding the possibility of having a democrat-only labor board. 

What the Trump Administration Means for the Labor and HR World

As HR and employee relations professionals, we all want a better understanding of how President Donald Trump views American workers. When it comes to worker issues, we have seen two sides of the new president.

Stance on employment issues

Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. Workers Take Next Steps to Organize

Jerry Glass, President of F&H Solutions Group, was quoted in Baltimore Sun regarding the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW's) continued attempt to organize at Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. 

United's Counsel Steps In as Acting CEO for Ailing Munoz

In an interview by Bloomberg, President Jerry Glass discusses how Munoz's absence might affect United's program efforts on improving the company's relationship with labor and on customer service.

Living in a World of Information Overload

One of the most difficult questions facing many employers is how to keep employees productive when they are continually bombarded with information. Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, we literally have become tethered to our devices. One of the most common questions I hear in public is,

“Where is an outlet so I can plug in my phone, tablet or laptop?” “Let me Google that and find out” is also high on the list.

Protests Seek to Replicate Success in Seattle

In this article, Jerry Glass, FHSG labor expert discusses the minimum wage raise of $15.00 per hour in Seattle.

Fast food strikes: employers should focus on job satisfaction, not wages

Jerry Glass, FHSG's labor expert, was interviewed by The Guardian regarding the recent fast food strikes and what this means for employers. Jerry believes the fast food protests should be a wake up call to keep employees happy, however, it's not all about the money.

Are You Really Documenting Performance?

In this Words on Wise article, HR and labor relations expert, Jerry Glass, discusses how to discharge employees who are unable or unwilling to improve their performance over time -- and the importance of documentation and communication throughout the entire process.