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Joel Myers

Wait! What about me and what I bring to the job?

It may be time to “sharpen your knife” regarding reward systems. Organizational needs and employ­ees’ expectations about work and careers are chang­ing, making traditional job-based pay systems less effective or, in some cases, even obsolete. In a recent article in WorkSpan titled “Refining Rewards for the Millennial Generation,” Ken Abosch, a partner with AON, PLC, discusses some of the following insights:

'Peanut Butter' Salary Administration Spreads Mediocrity

In this article, Joel Myers discusses the changing landscape of salary administration and using other variables to ignite your workforce.

Show Me the Money: How to Handle Tricky Salary Questions from Employees or Candidates

Many questions can throw candidates off during the interview process if they aren’t prepared, but it is just as important for recruiters and managers to be ready for tricky salary questions if they want to retain top talent.

Joel Myers, a senior management consultant with F&H Solutions Group, provides some tips to recruiters and managers about how to respond to tricky salary questions from candidates and direct reports.

Below are some complicated questions that managers/recruiters might expect to hear and how they can explain their salary decisions.

Trust - Cornerstone for High Performance Culture

A CEO for a privately held telecommunications company just learned the results of a recent corporate culture survey. Only forty percent of her employees responded favorably in the category of “Employee Engagement.” She was disappointed and frustrated, recognizing the impact of high employee engagement on achieving operational excellence. The initiatives that she implemented within the past year to boost commitment had failed. She didn’t know what to do next.

Shhh! We Don’t Talk About Pay

An international compensation consulting firm recently conducted a survey of 207 organizations regarding their compensation communications practices. They found that nearly 40% of companies that utilize salary range structures do not share salary range information with employees. Twenty-two percent limit information to an employee’s own salary range and ranges for other jobs within the career family. Only 13% are transparent about their organization’s pay plan.

So You Want to Change Your Culture

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We could ask a similar question about an organization’s culture. Is culture a manifestation of “how we do things around here” or does culture set the tone for actions that follow? Do we change culture by tackling it directly, or do we start elsewhere and allow culture to evolve? You might ask “what difference does it make?”, but with so much business literature dedicated to defining and shaping culture and corporate culture gurus speaking at global conferences, the matter of culture is perceived to be very important.

Performance with Purpose - the Magic Sauce

Memphis barbeque is nationally recognized as a culinary delight. Just having the word “Memphis” associated with an eating establishment’s name and/or menu inspires a sense of anticipation. The smoky flavor and special sauce, a vinegar-based concoction that pleases the pallet, defines the taste.

For barbeque, the secret combination of flavors captured in the name “Memphis” will help ensure an establishment’s success. But what is the secret sauce found in many of today’s best leaders and companies that helps achieve long term success? The answer is Performance with Purpose.

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Year-End Bonus Time Again!

As we wind up the gift-giving season and approach year-end, many organizational leaders are cloistered in their offices deciding how to allocate year-end, discretionary bonuses. Considerations for making bonus decisions might include: