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Career Development

F&H Solutions Group works with organizations to teach managers and employees the skills to successfully develop their careers.

A ‘career’ helps create a path through life. Every employee needs a short-term and long-term strategy; a relevant plan or path to promotion. It is imperative now more than ever for your employees to take charge of their career. Today, managers are overloaded and it’s difficult for them to focus on their employee’s careers proactively. However, every employee has the right and responsibility to focus on their career, but many lack a framework, information and part of a skillset. 

F&H Solutions Group helps organizations create self-sufficient employees rather than dependent employees.

F&H Solutions Group's career development experts:

  • Consult on career-pathing strategies
  • Develop technical career paths
  • Encourage challenging and meaningful career development plans
  • Provide a framework for careers and contribution
  • Provide career coaching to individuals transitioning to new roles
  • Promote employee responsibility for career development
  • Promote self-awareness
  • Strengthen employee skills needed for continued success

F&H Solutions Group's collaborates with employers to:

  • Assist employees in helping the organization achieve its goals
  • Create more candid career conversations sparked by employees
  • Decrease turnover
  • Improve productivity
  • Provide the support managers need to be successful
  • Strengthen employee engagement and morale
  • Utilize career development as a recruiting advantage

F&H Solutions Group provides the following solutions:

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Critical Thinking Success
  • Extraordinary Careers Program
  • Innovating Forward
  • Powerful Presentation Skills
  • Values and Passions Survey