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Compensation Surveys

What do you say to one of your key contributors who insists she could be paid 20% more by going to work for one of your competitors? F&H Solutions Group produces wage and salary surveys to provide you with up-to-date market data. Remember, knowledge is power, and knowledge of the salary market allows you to negotiate salaries from a position of strength.

Surveys for Purchase

We conduct two compensation surveys and include wage and salary data, as well as current benefits information. Participants are asked to provide wage and salary data on over 100 jobs in the following job categories: Distribution, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Medical, Managerial/Professional, Office/Administrative

Memphis Area Wage Survey – A collaborative effort with the Mid-South Compensation Association and The Centre Group. This survey includes employers in the greater Memphis area including Shelby County, Tennessee, DeSoto County, Mississippi, and Crittenden County, Arkansas. To see a sample of our latest Memphis Area survey, click on the following link:

2013 Sample Memphis Area Wage Survey

West Tennessee Area Wage Survey – Includes employers located in the West Tennessee region, excluding Shelby County.  To see a sample of our latest West Tennessee Area survey, click on the following link:

2013 Sample West Tennessee Area Wage Survey

If you are interested in receiving more information about purchasing the survey, please click on the link below, complete the Contact Us form and we will provide you with instructions on purchasing the survey.

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Customized Surveys

Often a client needs wage and salary data for a very specialized market. We conduct custom surveys, inviting companies of your choosing to participate. The results allow our client to determine appropriate pay rates for jobs that are unique to their industry.