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Executive Compensation

For over 30 years, F&H Solutions Group has assisted a wide range of organizations with executive compensation design, development, implementation and administration. Having entered the field of executive compensation working in large, public companies, we understand how to apply these reward principles on a modified scale in privately held businesses.

F&H Solutions Group helps privately held companies craft executive compensation packages that will allow them to compete successfully and broadly for executive talent. Just because an organization may be relatively small does not mean that it cannot offer a competitive, motivating executive reward system. Many talented executives would prefer to abandon the large corporate world for a more intimate business environment; however, they just need to see how the difference they make will be recognized and rewarded.

An effective executive compensation package consists of:

  • Competitive base salary,
  • Performance-driven annual incentives,
  • Performance-based long-term incentives,
  • Selected executive perks, and
  • Health and welfare benefits.

In our design work, we strive to develop executive reward systems that will:

  • Serve to attract, retain, and motivate company leadership
  • Align management actions with company value appreciation
  • Cause executives to think like owners
  • Introduce equity into the risk/effort/reward equation
  • Build executive long-term commitment