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Executive Search

When the need arises to look beyond the internal talent pool to find a key member for the senior leadership team, and when settling for the best of those who are available is just not good enough, executive search is the answer.

Executive Search is exclusive, confidential, and highly personalized. It is recruiting and selection at the highest level of professionalism.

F&H Solutions Group works exclusively for organizations seeking out the individual who best meets the technical qualifications, has the right experience to face the challenges ahead, and possesses the personal chemistry to fit into the organization’s culture, or bring about cultural change, if needed. In most cases, the best person is not actively looking for a position. The individual is successfully engaged in building a career with his/her current employer. Not until presented with a new challenge does he/she become a candidate.

We follow a time-tested process for developing a detailed position and ideal-candidate profile. When a search committee is involved, we use a proprietary process for developing a consensus profile. By applying research to find and approach those who are most qualified in the industry, the best candidates emerge.Typically, in the end, organizations have the opportunity to choose from multiple, well-qualified candidates.

If the position is located in the Memphis area, we offer a special advantage. Our search process goes head-to-head with the major firms in New York, Chicago, Dallas, or beyond; and, being from the Mid-South, we can persuasively represent the quality of life that we enjoy.