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Exit Interviews

Employee turnover is inevitable. F&H Solutions Group helps you acquire valuable employee feedback you might currently be missing out on when an employee exits your company. This pertinent information could lead to a reduction of costs associated with employee attrition and help improve relations with the current workforce.

Determining why an employee left can help your company understand if it could have done something more to retain him/her. Whether the employee felt negatively or positively about your company and how he/she will talk about your company in the future. If you really want to know the answers, F&H Solutions Group can help you ask. 

Exit interviews are an excellent tool for soliciting the information you want from former employees. Questions about the employment experience and employees’ opinions can be tailored to fit your workforce. The tricky part for many companies is actually conducting the interviews.

Outsourcing your exit interviews to F&H Solutions Group provides numerous benefits:

  • Neutral Interviewer – It can be difficult for an internal HR interviewer to remain emotionally unaffected, which makes it hard to not take the feedback personally and ask the right follow-up questions. A third-party interviewer can remain emotionally neutral, making it easier to solicit truly meaningful information.
  • Candid Responses – Former employees are likely to be less open with an interviewer who is still part of the organization, maybe even part of “the problem”. As third-party interviewers, we’re able to set former employees at ease by assuring the anonymity of the information they provide, helping them believe their answers will not be met with negative repercussions.
  • Timely Information – By allowing us to conduct your exit interviews you’ll receive timely and concise feedback that you can interpret, analyze, and learn from. Let us focus on the process, while we help you see the bigger picture.
  • Higher Completion Rate – Conducting your company’s exit interviews remains at the top of our to-do list. We aren’t distracted by the urgent and unexpected daily crises you encounter in your HR department. We consistently follow up with former employees until our goals are met, leading to a higher completion rate.