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Improv for Public Speaking

Public speaking continues to top the list as people’s worst fear. To the majority of people, public speaking is worse than physical pain. We’ve designed a program to improve the fear of public speaking through improv.

Through a loose, fun improvisation class, our improv instructor will give participants the tools to conquer their fear of presentations and speeches. Most public speakers have a speech written down or on a prompter. With improv, you have absolutely nothing but your instincts.  If you can immerse yourself in that fear, while having fun in a safe environment, then speaking with notes will be much easier.  The improv instructor gets participants to relax, play and frankly… look foolish (in the funniest way possible, of course!).  If everyone can share that vulnerability than it doesn’t feel as terrifying. In addition, if you are committed to what you are trying to accomplish during your presentation, you won’t feel uneasy. The instructor will also work with the participants on getting out of their head, thinking on their feet, and going with whatever happens, good or bad, by using a “Yes, and…” approach to their speech. 

Your participants will enjoy a fun-filled workshop where they will get to know themselves better, explore their strengths, and gain confidence.  They will begin to embrace their authentic self, which is essential to connect with any audience.