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Improv for Teambuilding

Teambuilding activities often fall short. “Not another stupid company team building activity!” Employees often view these activities as boring or interrupting valuable work time. What they don’t understand is that great teambuilding activities are educational, and help teams improve communication, trust, morale and reveal strengths and leadership qualities that employees never knew they had.

These activities should be fun and interactive. That’s why, we offer an improv teambuilding class. What makes improv different than any other performance? The format relies on at least two people or a group to create something out of thin air.  No scripts or memorized material.  The strength of the improv exercise created is solely reliant on individuals working together. If one person tries to take control or push their ideas on to the others, the improv will fall apart.  Working together is the only way to succeed.

What makes improv a great teaching tool for teamwork is that it forces employees to listen to their partners actively, requires that they shake off their inhibitions, encourages them to be energetic, and most of all promotes a healthy and fun environment. It also builds trust in employees themselves and others because actual “thinking” doesn’t work. Employees have to trust that they can think on their feet and support their partners.  By the end of the session, participants, without pressure or coercion, actually feel out of place if they are not a strong supportive team member. 

Our improv instructor will guide your team in a series of laughter-inducing games, exercises, and scenes.  Each member will be guided to participate enthusiastically and expand their comfort zones all within a safe, fun and collaborative setting. Mistakes are not only encouraged, but celebrated. The culmination of the day is a short improv show for fellow workers.  After this shared experience, participants will know each other much better than before the day began.  And that helps build a great team.