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Tip Tuesday: Methods for Resolving an Impasse in Negotiations

If an impasse is reached in negotiations, several scenarios may be pursued. Strikes are one mechanism unions may use for dealing with an impasse, however, there are other, more productive methods for resolving impasses:

The main tools/procedures available for resolving an impasse include:

Tip Tuesday: Reviewing Your FMLA Checklist

Employers need to periodically review their Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) process to ensure they are complying with the latest U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) regulations.

Below is an FMLA Checklist that organizations should consider when reviewing their policies:

Tip Tuesday: How Will COVID-19 Change Global Labor Relations?

With people across the globe looking  to get back to their normal lives and return to work, there are multiple ways that COVID-19 may impact labor relations and human resources practices in the near future.

1. Organizing

Tip Tuesday: Understanding the Families First Coronavirus Act

As F&H Solutions Group administers Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for many companies, we continue to get questions on implementing the Families First Coronavirus Act (FFCRA):


Tip Tuesday: 10 Tips for Conducting Successful Remote Negotiations

Given that it may still be months before groups of 10 or more may be meeting in person, many clients have asked us if it is productive to conduct negotiations remotely. The answer generally is yes, it can be very productive. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when conducting negotiations remotely:

Tip Tuesday: 7 Ways Employers Can Assist Employees During COVID-19

Regardless of the line of business, there are a range of actions that employers can take to assist their employees during the current Coronavirus pandemic.  Employers' ability to make exceptions to current policies may be driven by the nature of the business, the existence of labor agreements and the impact of the pandemic on the balance sheet. 

Here are some of the actions currently being taken by many employers to assist their employees financially while preparing for a reduced operational footprint in the foreseeable future:  

Tip Tuesday: Aftermath of Coronavirus - Impacts to Relationship With Labor

Employers' relationships with unions have dramatically changed since COVID-19 hit the U.S. How will the aftermath of the virus impact your employers' relationships with labor?
  • Negotiations on new or existing contracts are likely suspended during this crisis. When restarting negotiations, the economic outlook could be very different than before the pandemic.

Tip Tuesday: Questions to Consider Before Coronavirus Crisis Layoffs

Companies are continuing to announce layoffs this week as companies cope with the economic damage of the pandemic and related lockdowns. Will your company be viable once this Coronavirus crisis abates? Should an employer make the tough decision to layoff employees, they MUST consider the following questions before proceeding:

Tip Tuesday: Coronavirus Policy Questions to Consider

Companies are rapidly developing COVID-19 policies for their employees in real time.  Things to consider include:

Tip Tuesday: Effective Techniques to Managing Employee Performance

  • Defining roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Completing orientation and training on rules, policies and work processes/skills
  • Setting standards and objectives - daily and over time
  • Observing performance and providing informal or formal feedback
  • Correcting behavior when necessary, usually with counseling or discipline
  • It is Critical to Bottom Line Performance:
  • Employees ARE the #1 asset, particularly in specific industries:

-Safety and rules compliance
-Customer facing
-Self-supervising many times